Markus Zellner

Markus has been attending P&F classes since its inception in 1988 and has been attending the advanced class for most of that time.

He became an accredited teacher in 2001 and was granted senior teacher status 2009. 

Markus is an active member of the Stretch Therapy online community. Markus’ interests include dance, kettlebells, basketball, massage and anatomy.  


Strength & Flexibility Teacher (Kit Laughlin & Assoc 2015)
Senior Stretch Teacher (Kit Laughlin & Assoc 2009)
Stretch Teacher (Kit Laughlin & Assoc 2001)
B.Sc Hons Computer Science & Mathematics (ANU 1988) 
Swedish Massage Short Course (Archeus Centre for Natural Therapies 1985)

Louise Raisin

Louise has been using Stretch Therapy to treat her lower back pain since 1988 and attending P&F classes since 1995.

Louise became an accredited teacher in 2010.  Louise has been teaching Beginners and Intermediate classes continuously since that time and is highly skilled at assisting people identify their personal stretching needs.

Louise has interest and personal experience in using Stretch Therapy for back pain, pelvic floor and swimming.


Stretch Teacher (Kit Laughlin & Assoc 2010)
Current First Aid (2018)
B.Sc. Maths and Comp. Sc. (UNE 1987)
Dip. Ed. Maths (UNE 1992)
Grad. Dip. Information Systems (UC 1995)
Senior Instructor ACT Companion Dog Club since 1997

Karen Caldwell

Karen has been attending P&F classes since 1990 and became an accredited teacher in 2014. She is enjoying teaching Beginners classes and private clients. Karen is experience with Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), a teaching technique for people with Autism and/or intellectual disability. Karen has interest and personal experience in using Stretch Therapy for knee and foot pain.  Her interests include para-rowing, reading, walking, meditationand exploring how Stretchability might assist people with Disabilities to access stretch classes. 


Working with Vulnerable People Card (ACT 2016)
Senior First Aid (Red Cross 2015)
Stretch Teacher (Kit Laughlin & Assoc 2014)
Dip. Book Conservation & Restoration (Guildford Polytechnic UK 1992)
B. App. Sc. Conservation Cultural Materials (UC 1991)