Stretch Basics Class

Stretch Basics is for people who are new to stretching or want to focus on the stretch essentials. It aims to increase awareness of your posture, identify exercises most important to improve your flexibility and feel more comfortable in your own body. An awareness of your tight muscles, means you can stretch them and prevent potential injuries from occurring. The class can be tailored to participants needs and is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Sundays 4:30 – 5:30pm

​2021 Term 4: 10 October to 5 December 

2022 Term 1: 6 February to 3 April


$160 per person

Nine sequenced lessons where you learn exercises to:

  • reduce tension in neck, shoulders and symptoms of RSI
  • manage the common causes of lower back pain
  • touch your toes again
  • wake your feet up and improve your stability & balance
  • fight the stooped back & hunched shoulders
  • identify the exercises most important to reduce your aches & pain
  • reduce stiffness and improve spinal health with daily exercises


Posture & Flexibility Class

This class is for people who have previously attended our Stretch Basics class or related forms of body work. You will learn more exercises, building on your existing knowledge and extending to less well known muscle groups. Less time is spent talking about theory and explaining stretches. There are more cues, props and/or partner exercises to enhance good form. Intermediate classes are not “harder” than Beginners because you choose the intensity at which you work. 

Posture and Flexibility is not taught as sequenced lessons and varies greatly from week to week. A short strength warm up is often included at the start of class.  Some terms may have specific a theme based on student needs or requests. The no fuss teaching style encourages participants to stretch independently.

Tuesdays 7:45 – 8:45pm with Louise
Sundays  5:45 – 6:45pm with Markus

​2021 Term 4: 5 October to 30 January 2022 (Christmas break from 13 December to 17 January 2022

2022 Term 1: 1 February to 24 April

​New term starts in week one of every school term


$185 for each 12 week term

Advanced Class

Advanced is for people who have attended P&F Intermediate classes for some time or who have experience in related forms of bodywork and wish to extend themselves with a more demanding class. Some stretches will have a strength component and/or be held for longer periods of time. A larger variety of exercises are offered to choose from at any one time. You will need to have good body awareness, an understanding of how your body responds to challenging stretches and confidence in selecting a stretch most likely to work well for you, or, an interest in exploring this territory. New stretches and techniques are sometimes developed in this class. It is as interesting and challenging as we can make it.

Tuesdays 6:15 – 7:30pm

​2021 Term 4: 5 October to 30 January 2022 (Christmas break 4 weeks from 13 December to 17 January 2022)

2022 Term 1: 1 February to 24 April

​New term starts in week one of every school term


$185 for each 12 week term

Stretch Therapy 

Stretch Therapy is for people who are not sure if they are ready for Stretch Basics or want to learn to stretch at a slower pace. You will learn how to safely and effectively stretch the muscles that commonly cause body stiffness and pain.  The five one hour classes are highly tailored to address participants needs which might include sciatica, back pain or frozen shoulder. This class is limited to 8 students. 

This course is based on Kit Laughlin’s bestselling book Overcome Neck and Back Pain and the recent Vimeo “Overcome back pain”.

Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:15pm 

Term 1: Group request only
Term 2: Group request only
Term 3: Group request only
​Term 4: Group request only

Fees: $100
Please note…

We are not medical specialists and are unable to help you manage an acute episode of neck or back pain. If you have any concerns please consult your doctor before enrolling. Please discuss pre-existing medical conditions with us before enrolling so we can best assist you. 

Saturday Workshops with Cherie Seeto

We are hoping to resume workshops in 2022, watch this space

Workshops start with gentle warm up that focus on awareness and activation of individual muscles and movement of the body as a whole. The strength work component will often focus on slow functional movement. Over the course of the afternoon the intensity will slowly build and finish with strong complex stretches. The exercises flow seamlessly from one to another and the afternoon will disappear before you know it. 

Cherie’s approach and the longer workshop format allows her to explore stretches in more detail, adapt exercises to suit everyone and include stretches with multiple partners. Her passion to keep up to date and attend workshops with leading body work practitioners enables her to combine many techniques in a novel and effective manner. 

Cherie Seeto is a Senior Stretch Therapy Teacher, a Remedial Massage Therapist and founder of Sydney Stretch Therapy which has operated in the Sydney CBD for over 20 years. She attends and presents at national and International body work conferences & workshops.

For more information about Cherie Seeto and Sydney Stretch Therapy, please click